Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, The Middle Eastern Way! Easy to use, easy to learn, and lots of fun.

Have you ever wondered how to use normal playing cards to see the future? You do not need to have Tarot cards to be able to tell fortunes.  Just get out your playing card deck and get started with our simple and easy to use book - Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, The Middle Eastern Way!

There are many different methods of Divination out there and each Divination method varies from country to country.    The method used in the Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, The Middle Eastern Way eBook was passed down to me from  my great aunt, who was of Persian / Turkish decent.  So you wonder what is this is all about? Then keep reading.

What you will find in this eBook

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, The Middle Eastern Way eBook is designed to be navigated easily and logically.  After a short introduction, there is a cheat sheet and hints chapter to ease you into fortune telling. Then you are introduced to the Main Spread.  Besides the Main Spread you will find a few shorter spreads which you can learn easily. 

Next, each card's meaning is explained simply and effectively for you.  Finally, there is a sample reading of the Main Reading to help your learning process.

Now you may wonder if plain playing cards have any special power? Well the truth is no, they do not.  Just like Tarot cards do have not any special powers either.  What gives it power is the meanings associated with the cards as well as your ability to use your intuition and intelligence.  The cards are a tool to help you tap into powers hidden within you. 

You do not need to go and purchase special cards.  Once you have mastered the meaning of the cards as explained in this eBook, you carry the knowledge with you every where you go, and you can read for your friends and family with their playing cards!


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How to Place an Order

Ordering is very simple.  Regardless of the time and location, you can order Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, The Middle Eastern Way eBook online at any time

After you place your order and pay, you will be instructed to a page from which you can download your fortune telling book.  Our eBook is in pdf format which means no matter what system you use, you will be able to read it immediately with Acrobat Reader (Acrobat Reader is a free program that comes with most computers, however, in case you don't have an Acrobat Reader, you can download it here for free).  You are also entitled to one print copy of this eBook which you can do at your home.

The beauty of this eBook is that you do not need to wait for the mail to arrive, or even pay for shipping and handling. 


How much does the Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, The Middle Eastern Way eBook cost?

Because I wanted this eBook to be affordable for everyone, it is being offered only at $11.88 USD. In fact, we are so sure that you will love this book, that we also offer an unconditional 8 weeks money back guarantee.

Wishing you great success at your fortune telling journey!

Ziba Cyrus 

(The Author)  

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